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  • New AOU Branch in Somalia

    New AOU Branch in Somalia

    On September 1st 2015, with the help and blessings of Allah, a new branch for the American Open University was opened in Mogadishu, Somalia. The official branch name will be The East Africa branch.  This [...]

  • AOU Agreement


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What people are saying about AOU

AOU is an excellent university to receive a firm grounding in the Islamic Sciences. The standard is high and the reward is great in better understanding and applying Islam in your life.
Abdullah Wali-Uddin
God bless you this university and beautiful and useful knowledge is light and thanks
Mourad Syr
One of the top university in the whole world I love it god keep it for us and bless it with it faculties
Desiree Raniah Shammout
I think AOU is very beneficial and has very good teachers there. May Allah continue to guide them and bring them to success In there affairs.
Abdullah Basheer