American University for Islamic Sciences consists of approximately 50 faculty members that are teaching in both the Arabic and English Departments. Our esteemed Professors continue their own research and advancing in their area of expertise while teaching at AUFIS. Students are required to schedule & attend in-depth learning sessions  via phone or Skype with their Professors for each course to maximize their study experience in order to really dig deep into the meaning of the course material. Students will also have access to their teachers 24/7 through electronic communications, AUFIS’s website messaging and through their specified posted office hours.

Our Programs are academically rigorous and challenging which require the same investment of time and work as in an in-class traditional University.

We not only offer programs equal to any top University World-wide but we have built upon and enhanced our Bachelors Program to include in-class Comprehensive exams as a requirement for Graduating with a Bachelors Degree.

These supervised Comprehensive exams consists of 5 exams in the Domains of Aqeedah, Qur’anic Sciences, Arabic Language, Fiqh and Hadeeth.  Each exam takes a minimum of 5 hours to complete and students are only to bring with them their ID, pen and paper. These are graded as pass or fail.